Bow tie wearer with bum knees taking pictures and sharing an occasional thought.

It’s getting harder for me to make decent street photographs now that I use my cane so often. Being right-handed I have to set the cane aside in order to use the camera and this requires slowing down a lot. That said, taking more time doesn’t always mean a missed shot.

The image above is an example of that. Getting the two foreground figures in the corners required some thought, something I might not have done if I was steaming by under full throttle. An example of this is below.

Carry a small fixed lens camera with you all the time. Not in a bag, not in your briefcase, in your DAMN hand.

Last, if you’ve never checked out a Ricoh gr3 DO IT!

Still Hanging On

I thought, naively, that with the election of Joe Biden things, things would simmer down somewhat and the country could get some respite from being constantly mauled by fast breaking current events.

But no. Senseless killings, hyper partisnship, a migrant border crisis, endless Middle East wars, voter suppression and a worsening climate all need addressing and soon. By the way, that’s not a complete list.

Biden is an old man with a god-awful list of problems but he’s got an experienced cabinet to help him. Here’s wishing him (fill in the blank).

Today is cold and the sidewalk is quite slippery. I went outside earlier today to mail some Christmas cards and found the deep slushy intersection puddles hard to cross. They soon became an excellent way to dampen my socks. However, the sun was shining and I badly needed exercise.

So I took my trusty Fuji x100 V street shooter and hatched a plan that combined outside photography and inside exercise.

Here’s how it worked. Starting on the 5th floor where we lived, I’d walk down, step outside and take a few photographs. Then trudge back up, download, edit them and then repeat the process.

Here’s the one I liked the best.

I’m pooped and happy.

Boston had a snow storm yesterday; a big one and first in a long time. Coming as it did, just as the city’s Covid-19 restrictions were being tightened it seemed perversely appropriate.

Last evening the storm tapered off and digging out has began in earnest.

Saying it another way, Trump is leaving and Biden has just picked up a shovel.

John Ames

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